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Unit and Pallet Protection NZ Ltd provides a range of protection primarily for products being shipped in pallets.  

Edge and Corner Packaging

If your business involves moving, stacking or packing goods then you should be using UPPNZ packaging protection.  

Our range of products will protect your goods and save you money, whether it's ensuring fruit cartons arrive to market intact or increasing the stacking strength of palletised boxes.

Complaints, claims, damaged goods and lost orders will be a thing fo the past by using cost effective UPPNZ edge and corner protectors.   Use with pallets, cartons, sheets, drums, coils and reels to protect your goods against side impact and abrasion, chafing, strap movement or carton collapse.

UPPNZ Cornerboards

Ideal to protect panel products like MDF.   Simply place cornerboards to the vertical edge to avoid lateral damage during storage or transit.   Place coverboards on the horizontal edge to make pallets more rigid for better stacking in warehouse or vehicle and prevent carton collapse.

Cornerboards are available in all sizes and can be cut to suit specific requirements.

UPPNZ Edgecut

Get wrap around protection for irregular shaped or circular items such as paper reels, drums or coils.   Intermittent spaced cuts make it easy to bend and mould cornerboards around the desired shape.   Available in various lengths.

UPPNZ Strapping Guards

Ideal to protect Timber units.   Place under straps to protect vunerable edges from the damage caused by tight metal or plastic strapping.   

Other Benefits

UPPNZ packaging protection are made from laminated paper and as such are clean, lightweight yet incredibly strong, very safe, easy to use and are 100% recyclable.   This can not be achieved with either metal or plastic cornerboards.   A water resistant finish is also available for special needs - like the horticultural and fishing industries.

By using packaging protection customers will see "you care" and your reputation for reliability will be enhanced.   Or go all the way and have the surface printed with company name or logo...

Who Should Use Packaging Protection

The products would be of benefit to the following sectors:

  • Timber Mills
  • Medium Density Fibreboard Mills
  • Fruit & Vegatable Growers
  • Sheet Metal Manufacturers
  • Paper Merchants
  • Ceramic Companies
  • Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals Warehouses
  • Warehouses
  • Steel Manufacturers
  • Timber & Cabinet Makers
  • Building Products Wholesalers
  • Auto Parts Distributors
  • Aluminium Fabrocators
  • Printers
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Softdrink Bottlers
  • Importers & Exporters
  • Meat Packers
  • and many more...
We have now consolidated our email addresses to be bruce@slm.co.nz or hans@slm.co.nz Both Bruce & Hans both receive the emails, to ensure that we can provide you the best of communication and customer service, by always having a reliable and efficient email system.

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SLM acts as shipper's agent to locate and coordinate the best shipping solution. At the same time SLM acts as Shipping Line’s agent to locate and coordinate bookings. A true Win/Win/Win.
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UPPNZ works with RBH Timber Limited in sourcing and supplying timber dunnage and packaging materials to shipping companies in New Zealand and around the world. This timber is from sustainable and renewable farmed forest plantations. All timber supplied meets the ISPM 15 Wood Packaging Material Certification Scheme.
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The directors of UPPNZ Limited are very experienced in shipping from New Zealand. They know most of the shakers and movers in the industry.

Hans Hoogstraten

Home office phone: (07) 575 5029
Mobile phone: 027 2300 733
Fax: + 64 7 575 5987
E-mail: hans@slm.co.nz
Bruce Buchanan BMS MBA MCIT

Home office phone: (07) 544 0060
Mobile phone: 027 2300 701
Fax: + 64 7 544 5979
E-mail: bruce@slm.co.nz
They have the ability to provide a better and cheaper service to many shippers, or at least confirm that current shipping arrangements are very good!
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